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Each one of our finely crafted wines is designed to celebrate an iconic BC fruit or berry. See descriptions below and visit our farmgate store for a complementary tasting!
     This crisp infusion of apples has a hint of apple blossom. With a trace of green grape, the tangy flavour leaves a bright clean finish. It's great with pork souvlaki and a Greek salad
     Our signature wine is a favourite with red wine fans and blackberry lovers! The smooth taste is reminiscent of warm cherries in the sun, finishing with a citrus tang. It's perfect with steak and spicy prawns or your next juicy hamburger. 
  It's bursting with intense blackberry flavour from the moment it passes your lips and lands on your tongue to the KAZAW at the end! A moderately sweet fortified wine, it mingles deliciously with cheese or dark chocolate. 
     This rich smooth wine has a gorgeous violet hue. Soft lavender and honey tones linger on the tongue leaving a delicious taste in your mouth. Perfect with pork tenderloin stuffed with Brie!
     The bold flavour of local cranberries will make your taste buds stand at attention! Immensely flavourful and true to the fruit, move over cranberry sauce, you'll want to have your next turkey dinner with this instead!
     With a gentle essence of pear, this mellow white is reminiscent of a Pinot Grigio. Aromatic with notes of honeydew, it "pears" well with a light seafood sauce or quiche. 
     The sweet aroma of this intense wine is so inviting, but brace yourself for a tart burst - as if you if you bit into the raspberry itself! Truly summertime in a glass! Try it with your next slice of cheesecake or drizzle over ice-cream, fresh fruit and sponge cake.

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